HR Staffing Services

Successful business is backed by great employees. We understand the requirements of the Clients and fit the right person into the right role.  The resources provided by CADTECH help the organizations in achieving their business targets and reaching Organization milestones, Vision and Mission.


Our Staffing module is structured keeping in mind the engineering specific requirements of the clients. Our Team has rich domain knowledge and are guided by subject matter experts who have 50 years of experience in the industry.


Whether you are hiring to maintain steady growth or change the face of the entire company or any department, CADTECH Group has all the capabilities to support you.

Short Term Staffing

The changing business scenario demonstrates that people in an organization are hired on need basis. Hiring people to match reasonable rates is a tough task and that’s where we come in. Our customised solutions will ensure that you get the talented pool with reduced cost.

Long Term and Permanent Staffing

Providing comprehensive answers and permanent recruitment solutions, in a changeable world is a speciality of CADTECH. We are well sound with breadth and depth of the recruitment industry. The parameters of permanent staffing are quite unique and the role of CADTECH comes right at the beginning. You will see the benefits of saving time and money considerably.

Direct Hire

Our Direct hire services allow you to find the right candidates easily from the market. We understand the needs of the client and provide maximum results in minimal time frames. Our direct hire staffing services enables clients to concentrate and boost efficiencies on core business activities.